hair colour christchurch
hair colour christchurch

Lush and Full Colour

At My Hair And Beauty, you can be sure that you are putting your hair colour in the hands of a fully trained cosmetologist who knows exactly what they are doing and knows exactly what is possible, so they can help you achieve the look that you want.

We only use the highest quality colour products, so your hair will retain its new colour for longer, and stay as healthy as possible.

We have included a quick glossary of hair colour terms so our clients can become familiar with these before a visit with us to help you to understand exactly what is on offer, however we would love to offer our clients a free consultation to discuss your next style.

Common Colour Terms


A hair lightener used when you want to be really blonde applied to the scalp. Generally followed by a “toner” as a bleach is only the undercoat for the colour. Good to ask if the price you are quoted is inclusive of the toner. If you ask your hairstylist to ‘bleach your hair’ you will get an all over colour NOT highlights that are made using a bleach.


A type of colour generally applied over a bleach or highlights (made using bleach) to give your hair a “reflect” of ash, honey, beige, champagne etc. Great if your highlights get a bit dull you can get a toner to refresh them.

Tint or color (colour that grows out)

Tint or color (colour that grows out): both terms used to mean same thing. A permanent colour, that is applied directly onto your scalp to all of your hair. You can achieve a variety of shades and the process is less harsh on your hair and scalp than a bleach.

Semi or Demi colour (colour that fades out): both are all over colours that will change the reflect of your hair or darken it but not lighten it. Demi’s are a little stronger and so last a longer (6 to 8 weeks) and will cover up to 70% grey. Semi’s last about 6 weeks cover approx. 50% grey.

Lites, streaks or Highlights

Pieces or strands of colour (tint or bleach) generally lighter than your own hair. Some hairdressers use the term to mean only made using bleach. Can be made using foil or a cap. The foil method is broken down into the amount of your hair that needs to have highlights added. This varies depending on your hair cut, the effect you want or even how many highlights you got the last time:

Full head: Strands spaced throughout all of your hair, normally what you have the first time you try this type of colouring.
Half head: If your hair is long or hair cut suits you may not need a “full head” every time. This costs slightly less and strands are placed everywhere except the nape area.
Crown and Parting: This is when you need a quick set of highlights or an emergency touch-up between a full head or half head. The stands are placed as the name suggests.
Low-lights: Same as highlights but darker than your own colour or made using tints rather than bleach.

Splices, slices, chunks or pieces

All these terms are used to describe pieces of colour that are made in the same way as high or low lights but are large sections of colour rather than strands.

From $45
Full Colour
From $70
10 Foils
From $35
20 Foils
From $70
Half Head Foils
From $105
Full Head Foils
From $160
Bleach Retouch
From $95
Cap Highlights
From $60
Toner Short
From $10
Toner Medium
From $20
From $120
From $120
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