Keratin Straightening

keratin straightening

Longing for smoother, straighter hair? Keratin Hair Straightening treatments from My Hair And Beauty can help you achieve this look, without permanently damaging your hair with the use of keratin straightening .

What Is Keratin?

It’s a protein that’s naturally in your hair.

How It Works

A stylist applies a keratin hair straightening product to your hair and then uses the heat of a flat iron to seal it in. The process takes about 90 minutes or longer, depending on your hair’s length.
Time-Saving Tresses: If you usually style your hair straight, a keratin hair-straightening treatment could shorten your blow-dry time by 40% to 60%.

Farewell, Frizz

You can forget about frizzy hair after treatment. You could walk out in moist or light rain and your hair won’t change.

Wait Before You Wash:

You shouldn’t wash your hair for three or four days after getting the treatment because the solution takes time to work.


After you get a keratin hair treatment, and after the don’t-wash waiting period, you should use sodium-sulfate-free shampoo to help maintain the treatment.

How Long It Lasts

Expect the results to last two to 2 1/2 months.

keratin straightening
keratin straightening

The Keratin Straightening Process

The process takes between two to four hours, depending on hair length, and that mine will take about four hours today.
Hair is cleansed with a penetrating shampoo that gently opens the hair shaft. It is then towel dried and the Keratin Treatment is applied. The developing time for this process is about 20 minutes, The hair is then blow dried and using ceramic straightening irons, each portion of the hair is ironed to seal in the keratin hair straightening treatment.

Keratin Straightening Aftercare

Once the ironing process is complete, hair needs to be left loose, product free and not shampooed for three further days (72 hours). Refrain from tucking hair behind ears, clipping it, tying it or getting too sweaty and this will help you get the most out of your new keratin hair straightening treatment.

Keratin Straightening
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