digital perm

Digital perm, maybe you’ve heard it called an Ionic Perm, sometimes it’s called a Spiral Perm, Japanese Perm, Korean Perm, or else a Hot Perm? It’s the same process involving perming your hair with hot-rollers which are connected to a heating system. The hot-rollers are part of this giant machine that can intimidate many first time permers. It looks like something out of Star Trek. Because the rollers are hot they can’t be brought too close to your scalp or it will get burned, but this also means that only the bottoms of your hair will be permed.

The biggest difference between other perms and a digital perm is the shape and the texture of the wave created by the digital process. A normal perm, or “cold perm,” makes the wave most prominent when the hair is wet, and loose when it is dry. The hair tends to look moist and as locks. A digital perm makes the wave most prominent when the hair is dry, and loose when it is wet. Therefore you can create the dry and curly look of the curl iron or the hot curler.

Digital perms thermally recondition the hair, though the chemicals and processing are similar to a straight perm. The hair often feels softer, smoother, and shinier after a digital perm.

what to expect from your digital perm

For a lot of people, getting any kind of perm is like getting a tattoo – they need at least half a year to think about it. Well, the good news is that unlike a tattoo, a digital perm is much less permanent, and though it may be emotionally painful for some, there is zero physical discomfort. Ok, but what about the damage to your hair? No straight, flat, limpy haired girl should be deprived of beautiful spiral curls.

One thing that always scares first-timers is how tight the curls are initially. When you decide to get your hair permed be prepared for this, and don’t panic when you find that the curls don’t look the way you expected right away. Within a very short time the curls loosen and, depending on the size of the barrel used to create your curls, you will have that much loved Victoria’s Secret wavy hair men melt for. Don’t be quick to judge. It is the nature of digital perms to loosen over time, from tight curl to tousled wave.

when not to digital perm

Have you always dreamed of having a mane of tight ringlets? Then it’s time to get your facts straight. In the end, the perm solution/technique you should use depends on the look of the curls you desire as well as the condition of your hair. In some cases, it may be better to skip the digital perm and go old-school. An important ingredient in “cold perms” also known as Alkaline Perms, is an ammonia compound which has a relatively low PH balance that allows the solution to penetrate the hair very quickly. So, the great thing about cold perms is that they can form very defined tight curls very quickly and for a very long time (in fact, an Alkaline Perm will barely loose its initial shape until you chop it off). Digital perms, and their other “hot perm” counterparts do not hold a strong curl.

digital perm styling tips

For those low-maintenance bunnies out there, here’s the deal with styling your digital perm. After shampooing and conditioning, make sure to rub a leave in anti-frizz treatment into your damp hair. Then twirl your hair into two massive curls and allow them to air dry. Once they’re dry, just gently separate your curls by combing them through with your fingers and spritz in an optional curl-spray, like Frederic Fekkai’s Beach Waves. But let me stress, that last step is very very optional. Your hair will look amazing either way. One word of advice, avoid blow-drying your hair. Not only does it not work on digitally permed hair, there’s little need to stress your already chemically stressed hair. Be gentle with it.

what’s difference between Digital Perm(hot or Thermal wave) & Regular Perm(cold wave)

You may be wondering, “well, what’s the difference anyway?” The differences between the digital perm and the regular (cold) chemical perm is the chemical application process, and then the manner in which you achieve a curl when styling your hair. An essential step in the digital perm process is the heat application, that’s why it is called a hot perm (while it’s older, “normal” counterpart does not require heat application and the perm solution is applied cold directly to the hair). During the hot perm process, every curler in your hair is attached to a computer that can be programmed to heat up to very specific desired temperatures, giving the stylist a greater degree of control over the whole process. That way you can be sure to get the exact curl you want. After you’re done, another big difference between the digital perm and the normal cold perm is the way your hair behaves as it dries. After a digital perm you will find that your hair takes on more and more curl as it dries, whereas with the traditional perm you’d have to apply some type of moisture in the form of gels or curling creams to achieve that curl. With a digital perm, the only styling you have to do is a bit of hair spray and a twirl of your finger and you’re done! Having said that, We would like to emphasise that digital perms are inherently low maintenance so if you like to experiment with different hair styles, the digital perm may not be for you. Hot perms don’t straighten very well with a blow dryer. Another set back of the digital perm is that, because heat is applied to the hair, the rollers cannot be kept too close to your scalp, which means that a digital perm won’t add as much volume at the roots as a cold perm would.

why get your digital perm from us

Be aware however, that some types of hair don’t take very well to the digital perm. Digital perms, or hot perms as they’re sometimes called, can work quite well with coarse hair. However, the healthier and courser your hair is the less likely that the digital perm will stay in your hair for very long. Coarse healthy hair that has not been treated with any chemicals before (virgin hair) may have to be processed for a bit longer in order to loosen the hair cuticle and ensure a proper curl. Fine and straight hair on the other hand tends to be very sensitive to any chemical process, and can get damaged if you aren’t careful about who applies your perm. A skilled hair stylist will know the appropriate mixture of perm solution to use on your hair, how to apply it and how long. A digital perm can be beautiful as long as you visit an experienced stylist.

damaged colour-treated hair

If you have sensitive, chemically treated hair make sure to go in for a consultation with your stylist before you decide to take the perm-plunge. Women with fine coloured hair that has been frequently heat styled (blow-dry, straightening iron etc) will find that, in many cases, the hair is too fragile to take to full concentration of perm solution. But that is not to say that all is lost, and that the digital perm cannot be done. What the stylist will do is take a test sample of your hair and apply the perm solution to see how it will behave. If it receives a passing grade, then you can go ahead and, with the lowest concentration of chemicals, achieve the loose waves of your dreams. A digital perm is definitely not as harsh on your hair as the old-school perm your grandmother used to get.

We specialise in digital perms, perms for short hair as well as medium and long hair lengths.